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Will Federman

Professional news junkie and editor infatuated with all things technological and social. I write tweets for a living.


If You're Worried About Facebook Hosting News Content... You're Already Dead

Media pundits and prognosticators have been predicting the death of the traditional journalism model for awhile.
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Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee Turns 93 Today

Stan Lee, the man who helped transform Marvel Comics from a pulp magazine publisher into a $4 billion Disney acquisition, turns 93 today.
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District 10 candidate Grace Yoo eyes an upset

The residents of District 10, a portion of which spans South Los Angeles, will vote for a new councilmember on March 3. Intersections interviewed the candidates ahead of the elections. It’s been a long day for Los Angeles City Council candidate Grace Yoo. Just hours after The Los Angeles Times endorsed Herb Wesson, the incumbent in Council District 10, Yoo walks into her campaign office frustrated about a neighborhood council meeting gone awry.
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MacLeod Ale Brewing More Than Beer In Van Nuys

Nestled in between an auto body shop and a vacant white-brick warehouse, off an industrial side street in the San Fernando Valley, sits a craft brewery. Parking can be dicey. Nothing on tap is served cold. And you will not find a single West Coast IPA on draft. But take a leap of faith, and you’ll find some damned good beer.
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These Are The Top 27 Comic Book Businesses

From LexCorp to Oscorp, Fortune ranks the top fictional businesses from the pages of Marvel and DC Comics.
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New South L.A. Hospital Faces Criticism Over Delays, Lack Of Services

Juliana Barrios was bleeding to death on what should have been a joyous Christmas evening. The 24-year-old Pomona woman was the victim of a drive-by shooting and rushed by her family to the Martin Luther King Jr. Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center in Willowbrook for medical help. A misguided attempt, as the facility does not offer trauma care.
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Educators Find Common Ground With Common Core

At Burning Tree elementary school in Bethesda, Md., Amanda Driscoll is busy readying her manipulatives – tangible objects that help teach children basic math skills – before her flock of energetic first-graders arrive. The bubbly primary school teacher is also organizing whole group books on nutrition and unpacking MyPlate learning materials.
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L.A. Finally Legitimizes Rebel Green Thumb

Just a couple of weeks ago, Ron Finley was best known for his highly visible, and nutritious, acts of civil disobedience. To combat the growing problem of malnutrition facing many throughout South Los Angeles, the Crenshaw-based fashion designer planted gardens full of strawberries, dill, thyme and other edibles in unused parkways.
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Murder In Los Angeles: Big Data And The Decline Of Homicide

It was late October and Rene Balbuena sat in his silver SUV, idling on 92nd Street and Gramercy Place in South Los Angeles. Balbuena had driven to the residential neighborhood on a Saturday evening with his 15-year-old son to buy a cellphone, lured by a false Craigslist ad. But when he approached the listed address, someone answered the door and told him to go away.
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What #WalterScott tells us about Twitter and the media

The video of South Carolina officer Michael Slager shooting unarmed, 50-year-old Walter Scott is both chilling and appalling, but I will leave all the social think pieces to people better equipped to comment on the tragic event. I was, however, curious what the conversation on Twitter looked like from 30,000 feet, so I asked USC Annenberg professor Matthew LeVeque and his team at the Strategic Public Relations Social Data Desk to pull what they could from “the firehose” (the unfiltered pipeline of real-time tweets).
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Daniel Ellsberg On The Republic We Couldn’t Keep

Forty years ago, Daniel Ellsberg lived in a different America. An America, he says, where whistleblowers were not tried as spies or traitors by their own country for releasing documents unveiling government secrets tied to failing policies. “A lot of foolish people who use the term traitor are no more traitors than I am, and I am not a traitor,” he said.
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Circa CEO Visits USC To Talk Mobile News

No bylines. No inverted pyramid. Not the kind of journalism you might expect inside the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at USC. But Matt Galligan, CEO and co-founder of Circa, says he's offering exactly the kind of mobile news consumers need. Galligan visited USC on Tuesday for a M{2e} Strategy Session to discuss Circa and its impact with a community of students and professionals.
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Will Federman

Born and raised in the suburbs of Maryland, I have a broad and experienced skill to match my unorthodox career trajectory.

I started developing basic web design and HTML skills at a young age, eventually earning a freelance gig for the now-defunct Daily Radar, a news aggregator and portal site for the video game industry.

That stint earned me a spot at Kikizo, a U.K. media outlet that contributed syndicated content to AOL UK, covering trade shows and reviewing optical discs.

After earning my A.A. in General Studies with honors from Montgomery College in Md. in May 2013, I was offered admission into the prestigious USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

At USC, I served as executive editor at Neon Tommy, America's most widely-read daily university-based online news publication. Managing a staff over 300 contributing undergraduate and graduate students, Neon Tommy won over 14 L.A. Press Club and SPJ awards during my tenure.

Most recently, I oversaw the team responsible for audience growth and engagement, social media, search, new product initiatives and social video at Fortune Magazine.

I am now managing editor of The Tylt, the latest project from Advance Digital's in-house media incubator.



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